Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to brighten someone’s day, flowers make the ideal gift, luckily, you can easily arrange for flower delivery from your local florist. 

With a few simple steps, you can have flowers delivered right to the recipient’s door. Read on for our complete guide to flower delivery.


What is Flower Delivery?

Delivery is the act of sending a purchased good from one person to another, be it food, household items, or flowers, in the case of flowers, the receiver might be a friend, loved one, or work colleague.

How to Send Flowers via Delivery

There are three main methods of delivery when sending flowers from a florist: delivery via overnight courier, regular post, or via an express delivery service. 

Most florists will have a delivery page on their website where you can select the delivery time slot and method for the recipient, the most important factor to consider when choosing the delivery method is the destination address.

You can either select the default delivery option which is the recipient’s billing address or else enter an additional address if they’re present at the checkout, the easiest way to ensure delivery is to add a home address to the basket.

Why Send flowers with Delivery?

There are a number of advantages to sending flowers by livrare flori cluj (flower delivery cluj), chief among them is the fact that you can custom design the bouquet exactly how you want it, this means that you can avoid having to settle for a bouquet that is available for delivery.

Your local florist will also be able to deliver the flowers the day after you place the order with no downtime or overnight stays required on the recipient’s end, this is especially convenient if you work during the day.

Different Types of Delivery from a Florist

The most popular delivery method is via overnight courier, which is the most expensive method of all, however, it’s ideal for when you need your flowers delivered right away and don’t want to wait two days for regular post-delivery.

Next in popularity is regular post, which takes one to three days to deliver depending on the recipient’s location, finally, express delivery service is the most affordable option, taking one to two days to deliver.


Tips for Getting the Best Flower Delivery

  • Make sure you double-check the delivery address that you’ve provided to the florist before confirming your order. 
  • Keep the recipient informed – Send your friend a quick email letting them know the delivery date is approaching so they don’t miss out on the flowers.
  • Avoid substitutions – Don’t settle for substitutions or other types of deliveries if the recipient has explicitly stated that they don’t want them.
  • Don’t send food – Although it is always thoughtful to send a vase with the flowers, doing so will greatly extend the lead time.
  • Although it is always thoughtful to send a vase with the flowers, doing so will greatly extend the lead time. 
  • Add to cart twice – This is more of a tip for stores than for florists, but you should definitely double-check that you have chosen the correct delivery address before you finalize your order.