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wpc2027 reset password

How do I change the password on my router?

You can change the password from the Administration, Security, or other similarly named page within the administrative console for the device. See how to log in to your router if this is your first time. The exact steps involved in doing this can differ from device to device, and especially from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What do I do if I forgot the default password?

If you know you or someone else has changed the default password, but you don't know the new one, then you'll have to reset the device to factory defaults. You can do that by performing a specific sequence of actions on the hardware, details of which you can also find in your manual.

What is a Wi-Fi password and how do I change it?

Your Wi-Fi router uses two passwords, and they're usually (and should be) different. The one this page describes is the password that lets you log in to your router to make changes to it; the other is the password your Wi-Fi devices use to access the internet. Learn how to change your Wi-Fi password if you need to do that instead.

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