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wpc15 | dashboard

What is the purpose of a performance dashboard?

Employee Performance Dashboard Employee performance dashboards help HR teams and business managers understand the effectiveness, satisfaction and goal progress of their workforce. To analyze compensation vs. performance this example shows the number of active employees by rating level and salary by employee rating.

How can HR professionals use interactive dashboards to analyze data?

Following on the previous example, HR professionals can use an interactive dashboard to dig deeper in the data, and analyze one variable. In this example, average salary is compared by gender and broken out by management positions, employee tenure and country. Download our handy ebook with 4 of the best template examples.

What is an employee development dashboard example?

Employee Development Dashboard Employees are the most important asset within an organization. This HR dashboard example shows an HR leader training program metrics such as completion percentage, hours and cost. Interactive charts allow the user to break out data by dimensions like department, program, gender and more.

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