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wcp 2026

What is the WCP?

The WCP is a new approach that takes the well-established model of rail franchising and concessions in Great Britain to another level. The Partnership will: • Act as a champion for the passenger. • Develop the customer services and technologies of the future.

What will the WCP do for passengers?

The WCP will build on their passenger information plans introduced early on in the Partnership to design how high quality information can be provided to passengers for the new high speed services. The customer information requirements for HS2 will be developed during the life of

How can we improve the accessibility of the WCP?

The Partnership will introduce an Accessibility Panel to identify and implement opportunities to further increase the accessibility of the WCP over the life of the Partnership. There are limited opportunities for improving the frequency of services, however bidders will be

How will the WCP work with HS2?

The WCP will also work closely with HS2 Ltd, DfT, Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and local authorities to ensure that these new stations can support local growth through complementary developments.

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