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sabong powder

What are the benefits of sambong for skin?

Skin Wounds – Because sambong contains antimicrobial agents using the tea and powders on skin wounds promotes healing. INGREDIENTS: Natural pure sambong.

What is Sambong in the Philippines?

In fact in the Philippines sambong is registered as a true medicine with the food and drug department and is available in tablet form at pharmacies. Diuretic – Sambong is a powerful diuretic that helps to detox the body and cleans the urinary tract… plus get rid of excess water retention.

Is Sambong good for kidney patients?

Because sambong is a good antibacterial and diuretic agent it’s a great choice for urinary related challenges. The Philippine National Kidney and Transplant Institute recommends sambong to slow the progression of renal disease.

How does Sambong tea work as a diuretic?

Sambong tea is known to work as diuretic. It induces urination and helps flush out sodium and excess fluid from the body through the urine.

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