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how to recover password in wpc16

How do I recover a forgotten Windows password?

If you’ve got either a Microsoft account or a reset disk, it’s very easy to recover a password, with a few options at your disposal. The Microsoft Windows password reset process via Microsoft login is straightforward:

How do I reset the password on my computer?

On the login screen, click on Reset passwords. Plug in your USB key (or floppy disk). Click Next. Type in your new password and a password hint. Click on Next. Done! You can now log into your computer again using the password you created.

How do I Reset my Windows 10 password without a disk?

If you use Windows 10, but you don’t have a recovery disk or a Microsoft account to help you reset your password, you need to take the hard route. Here’s how: Turn on your computer and wait until you see the Windows logo. Then, unplug the power cord or hold down the power button to force the hardware to turn off.

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