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how to deactivate gcash number

How to delete a GCash account?

One of the easiest ways to delete a GCash account is to dial GCash provided number for account deletion. To delete the GCash account via the USSD code, follow the steps below: And then select Suspend to deactivate or delete your GCash account. However, since this method has been used for over two years, there might be chances that it won’t work.

How do I contact GCash support?

If you have a Twitter account, you can tweet or send a direct message to the official GCash page on Twitter @gcashofficial. Include your ticket number if you have already submitted a support ticket. Getting your GCash issues resolved shouldn’t be a problem as long as you know where to get help.

What should I do if my GCash number has lost signal?

You may submit a ticket or call us at 2882 with the details of your concern. I submitted a ticketexplaining the problem where my registered GCash number has lost signal and I can’t access my account anymore.

How do I unlink my GCash account in messenger?

Unlinking your GCash account in Messenger is done via going thru the “Chatbox, select “Money”, and then select “Your Account”. You will be given an option to “Unlink Account”, select it and then confirm by selecting “Yes, Unlink” Afterward, GCash will send you a message of confirmation of unlinking your account.

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