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how to change picture in gcash

How to use GCash?

How to Use GCash in 4 Easy Steps. 1 Register for a GCash accoun ... 2 Verify your GCash account. ... 3 Load your GCash wallet. ... 4 Start using GCash for your ...

How do I get fully verified on GCash?

Step 1: Sign in to the GCash app using your account information. Step 2: Locate the menu bar in the upper left corner. Tap it and then select “Verify Now.” Step 3: Select “Get Fully Verified” and then click “Next.” Step 4: Before tapping “Next,” select a valid ID and take a photo of it.

How do I create a pin for my GCash account?

Click “Start an Account.” Enter your mobile number (any network) and click “Continue.” Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Expect a message confirming that your GCash account is ready. Tap “Create PIN.” Set your 4-digit mobile pin. Enter it twice. Wait for a confirmation message that your GCash PIN has been generated. 2.

How do I link my bank account to my GCash wallet?

To link your bank account or debit card to your GCash wallet, simply open your GCash app, click the Profile icon at the lower right corner of the home screen, and tap on My Linked Accounts. Select BPI or UnionBank and fill out the required information.

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