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gcash cashin

How much is GCash cash-in?

GCash cash-in for partner outlets is free for the first Php 8000 per month. When the amount goes over the limit, it will incur a 2% fee. This limit refreshes every first day of the month. For example, this month: Today, you cashed in Php 7000.

How to cash in via Western Union on GCash?

Step 1. Login to the GCash App. Step 2. Select ‘Cash-In’ then select Western Union. Step 3. Enter the amount to Cash-In, 10-digit MTCN, and country of birth. Step 1. Log in to the GCash app. Select Cash-In on the dashboard.

Can I cash-in to my GCash wallet without leaving my home?

Even without leaving your home, you can cash-in to your GCash wallet through online banking. By linking certain bank accounts to your GCash account, you can cash-in to your GCash wallet directly from the GCash app, free and real-time.

What is the cash-out limit of GCash MasterCard?

The limit refreshes every first day of the month so you can cash in for free again until you reach the Php 8,000 limit. For cash-out transactions, a service fee of Php 20 per Php 1,000 transactions will be charged if you’re withdrawing your money over the counter. When cashing out through GCash MasterCard, a Php 20 service fee will be charged ...

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