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ardex wpc

Why choose Ardex WPC?

Ardex WPC creates a waterproof coating that prevents water penetrating through the tiling background, which could otherwise result in costly damage to walls, floors and ceilings in adjacent rooms. Available in two colours, grey or white. Each box comes with a roller and a roll of scrim tape included.

What is the pot life of ARDEX WPC?

The mixed Ardex WPC has a pot life of approximately 45 minutes at 20°C. This time will be shortened at high temperatures and extended at low temperatures. Once the mixed material begins to set and thicken, do not add extra WPC liquid but discard the material.

How do you use Ardex mix one?

Use Mix One for application with a spatula,pallet knife or trowel for sealing joints in cornersand filling holes and gaps around fixtures, pipes,etc. , prior to applying two coats of Mix Two. Where joints tend to crack, they should bereinforced with ARDEX Mesh Scrim Tape priorto applying Mix One.

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